Welcome to our new assistant Keanna !

Dans le cadre de sa politique d’ouverture au monde, le Département du Calvados propose aux collèges du Calvados, en collaboration avec l’Éducation nationale, les services d’un assistant de langue, au travers son au programme SPEAK 14.
Ce dispositif, unique en France, permet chaque année à plus de 3 500 collégiens de bénéficier de cours de conversations en anglais, allemand, italien ou espagnol.

Today, Friday December 11th 2020, we are very lucky !

We have a visitor from Canada, her name is Keanna Rose.

She is 20, she lives in southern Ontario, in Simcoe.

Her house is big and beautiful with a big garden, where she builds an ice rink each winter (the temperatures can be -20 to -40 °C) .

She has 3 pets, one dog named Lucy who is 11, and 2 cats named Pascha and Miss Kitty Kat.
She has 2 brothers named Tristan who is 28, and Declan who is 18.

Her best friend is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her name is Grace. They went on a trip to Greece and Italy in February.

She likes going to the County Fair and eating pogos (which are Canadian deep fried hot dogs). For Halloween , she likes going “ trick or treat”with her friends.

Welcome to our school Keanna ! (from the pupils from 5D)
(She is the new assistant in Simone Veil school in Villers-Bocage for the school year 2020 -2021 and a student at Caen University).

In the woods, there are moose

and chipmunks

( and also bears) !
To be continued...

(by Ms. Yvon, English teacher)


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